E-Liquid Calculator

E-Liquid Calculator

Nicotine Base Strength [PG/VG] mg
Required Nicotine Strength mg
% Dilution [Distilled Water / Vodka] %
% Flavouring %
Required Qty ml
# Drops per std 1ml drops
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How to use:-

1. Enter the nicotine strength of your base liquid

2. Enter the nicotine strength you want to achieve

3. Enter a % amount for diluting. (optional - good for thinning VG based liquid - can be left at 5%)

4. Enter a % amount for your flavouring (a higher % = stronger taste - a lower % = weaker taste - can be left at 12%)

5. Enter the amount of E-Liquid in ML that you would like to make

6. Leave at 20 drops per ML

7. Press "Calculate"

8. Follow the guide and mix your E-Liquid! 
Here you can see Youtube user "TheVictoriaCzyk" mixing her E-Liquid using the ECR E-Liquid calculator:-